Lexus the Great

Changing the world, one dog at a time…

Lexus is in recovery and she's not the mama!

Lexus is back from the vets from getting spadded and is in recovery, but feeling better.

Welcome to dogs with addison!!

I have created this website to educate and support the companion animal community about Addison's disease in dogs.

My goal is to foster open communication about the variety of options available to the caregiver of a dog with Addison's disease.

Addison disease has been called "The Great Pretender", and so my Lexus is from now on;  "Lexus the Great". I am hoping that there are a few dog lovers out there that will visit our site and maybe even provide a helping hand with the costs involved in keeping Lexus alive.

Lexus is Great

Welcome to our website for Lexus the Great!

Hello, my name is Ricky. I have created this website in order to look for help with my Akita "Lexus". I am very grateful to have Lexus, but a few weeks after I got her, she was diagnosed with Addison's Disease.

This website is dedicated to keeping Lexus alive. I will be posting on this blog every couple weeks with updates on Lexus and will also be posting photos both here and in the Photo Gallery.

Lexus despertley needs donations for her medical expences that she requires due to the Addison's Disease she developed shortly after I purchased her. 

Addison's Disease is a lifelong disease that requires daily oral percorten as well as monthly percorten injections. The cost for this right now run over a hundred dollars a month, but the cost will increase as Lexus's weight go's up.

I'm trying to spread the word, so I ask, please, even if you cannot donate, please share the page, like the page, or just pass the word.

Thank you for your help!!