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Saving dogs with addison; one at a time…

Lexus The Great
Lexus the Great at Vets
Lexus in Recovery
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Lexus in the grass!
Lexus at Fadeaways
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Lexus by the Pool
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Lexus the Great needs your help!

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lexus-paw-orange-2Because Lexus's expenses for her Addison's Disease are so high, Lexus can not rely entirely on her owner "Ricky" to help to let her live out the long life she so deserves. All donations will go to continue Lexus's needed medical services and are greatly appreciated.

How you can help:
We'll come straight to the point: You can help to eliminate Lexus's pain and more importantly, help to keep her alive for many more years to come. Your personal contribution will help support the medical expenses that Lexus incurs every month.

What Will Your Contribution Accomplish? Just Ask Lexus!

Lexus's medical expenses associated with her Addison's Disease are funded mostly by her owner Ricky, the donations from people like you... can help to make sure Lexus lives a long and happy life.

Lexus would be very happy to receive donation from you. Of course a donation by you (regardless of amount) will go to help provide Lexus with predictable and secure funding for continuing the mission of treating her Addison's Disease and helping to save her life.

Your donation can be made below through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required to make a donation for Lexus.

Love, your new friend Lexus!

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