Lexus the Great

Saving dogs with addison; one at a time…

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lexus-paw-orange-2Hello, My name is Lexus. "Lexus the Great" - I am an Akita (Canine) and live in beautiful Fort Myers, FL. I am very sweet, but I have been diagnosis with Addison's Disease. Addison's Disease is a lifelong disease that requires daily oral percorten as well as monthly percorten injections.

Addison disease has been called "The Great Pretender", and so my name is from now on; "Lexus the Great". I am very lucky to have a caring owner. "Ricky" has taken very good care of me, but I know the costs for my monthly veterinary bills are an extra expense that is an extraordinary burden to my owner. While Ricky has been able to keep up with my medical bills so far, I can't help but worry that some day he may just not be able to afford my medical expenses. I am hoping that there are a few dog lovers out there that can give Ricky a helping hand with the costs involved in keeping me alive.

lexus-paw-orange-2Please help my owner raise funds for my care and medical treatment. You can click the donate icon at the top of this page to support my recovery – please note that your donation is for the “Lexus the Great Medical fund", all donations made through this website will go to Lexus's medical expenses.

Love, your new friend Lexus!
Lexus the Great
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